The main inspiration in the Gold & Roses design process is women. Women fighters, triumphant, feminine … Everyday women who leave their mark on their path and who transmit the needs and tastes that are sought today in jewelry. Gold & Roses creates jewelry for a contemporary and contemporary woman designing pieces connected with art and fashion.

To them, our source of inspiration, we wanted to give you a portrait. We believe that there is nothing more expressive than the face of a woman and we wanted to capture the essence that we see in them. We have photographed them with our jewels and we have written a story that summarizes their trajectory, their passions, their successes and their relationship with Gold & Roses.

“What I like most about Gold & Roses is the timelessness of its designs and the search for quality and innovation” Valentina Suárez-Zuloaga Ruyra

“The Gold & Roses woman is dynamic, sophisticated and elegant” Mariasun Ornilla Arrola

“What I value most about Gold & Roses is its design and quality” Mónica Anoz Rodríguez

“The jewels of Gold & Roses are authentic, elegant and practical” Mariana Ivorra LLinares

“The most special memory of a jewel is who gives you” Nirave Sánchez López

“The best of Gold & Roses are the combination of their jewels” Marta de la Rica Entrecanales

“Gold & Roses has made young people get excited about jewelry, something that had not happened for years” Ofelia Grande de Andrés

“What I like most about Gold & Roses is the care in design and that gold is always the main material” Mónica Ugalde de Mingo

“I love the minimalist design of Gold & Roses, so elegant, and at the same time always very topical” Cayetana Vela Sánchez-Merlo

A tribute to the friends of Gold & Roses, who have that je ne sais quoi who has guided us in each of the lines of our designs and who share the philosophy and lifestyle of our brand.

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