There is no colored gemstone that fuels passion more than ruby, a gem full of symbolism, magic and strength. Ruby is a variety of corundum as well as sapphire and is created by mixing two metals, iron and chromium. For years ruby was confused with red spinel and garnet.

Ruby has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamond which has a hardness of 10. Its spectacular deep red color makes ruby a desirable stone. There are infinite varieties of rubies with different shades of red and inclusions. The most prized are the Pigeon's Blood: their shade of red is the most intense and they are found in the mines of Myanmar. Sangre de Paloma: su tonalidad de rojo es la más intensa y se encuentran en las minas de Myanmar. 

Ruby is one of the most used gemstones in jewelry for centuries. Many of them are part of royal insignia and other famous jewelry. 

(1) Elizabeth Taylor's most famous and valuable ruby- and diamond-set by Cartier, 1951.
(2) Grace Kelly's Cartier `Bains de MerĀ“ tiara. The three ruby and diamond clips in the tiara setting and as separate pins.

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