Monica is a whirlwind of creativity, spontaneity and empathy. Thanks to his overwhelming personality, he transmits energy and enthusiasm to each Person who crosses his path.

Monica’s relationship with Gold & Roses dates back to the brand principles: “I knew the idea before it existed and I love it have known its evolution and see how it continues to improve ”. Share the philosophy to buy pieces for life, invest in icons and classics, but that also identify with the current design. Also, the belief that each Jewel keeps a unique memory.

The most iconic Gold & Roses jewelry for Monica is the double dagger earrings for its elegant and unique design. But, what he likes most is the ability to combine jewelry from different collections, especially rings and ½ earrings. As in the photograph where she combines our Creole Shewel L with the double dagger earring and the Loulou rings, 4 Half Band and Half Band L in her favorite version: Pinky. ½ pendientes. Como en la fotografía donde combina nuestra criolla Shewel L con el pendiente doble daga y las sortijas Loulou, 4 Half Band y Half Band L en su versión favorita: Pinky. 

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