The quality and durability of our jewels, made in 18 kt gold, follow the philosophy and values of slow-fashion. 

We are committed to responsible consumption, buying the best quality, timeless pieces that never go out of style and are inherited from generation to generation. 

This philosophy avoids excessive production and promotes transparency in production processes.






/ Kimberley Treaty


As for our gemstones, we only select diamonds that meet all the conditions of the Kimberley Process, which ensures the acquisition of gemstones from legitimate sources not involved in conflict financing and in accordance with the United Nations. 







/ Made in Spain 


Spain has an extensive tradition and history of jewelry making. All of our production is proudly handmade in Spain. The 80 jewelers involved in the production process use our traditional Spanish craftsmanship techniques, depicting the most of our local know-how heritage and sharing with us the passion for design, jewelry and quality. We give great attention to the smallest details, striving to attain the highest result for each piece. Our collections are made of 18k gold and natural gemstones, handmade and with in-house design in our Madrid atelier. All Gold&Roses diamonds G-H VS are certified and meet the conditions of the “Kimberley Treaty”, a certification system for the international trade of diamonds not from countries in conflict and the "World Federation Of Diamond Bourses" (WFDB) that promotes the principles of trust, transparency and integrity among all members of the industry.







/ Responsible Jewelry Council 


All of our workshops are part of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) which promotes social, environmental and ethical practices that guarantee human rights throughout the entire gold supply chain. At Gold & Roses we know our workshops and we supervise the production process of our jewelry.







/ Craftsmanship


All our jewellery is handmade by the best experts and using techniques of millenary tradition. Our artisans share Gold&Roses' passion for design and quality jewellery and take the utmost care in every detail of the production process.

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